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Adult_Orthodontic_ServicesYour smile is unique to you so there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to orthodontic treatment. We are happy to offer several ways to accomplish smile goals:

Whether your concerns are straightening crooked teeth or you have bite issues causing premature wear of teeth or your dentist has expressed concerns about your teeth, coming in for a complimentary new patient consultation will provide all of the answers you need to make an informed decision about what approach is best for you. Dr. Brandon Cook will perform a thorough examination and review diagnostic photos and x-rays with you during your visit to discuss the best approach for your smile goals.

It’s a fact that as we age our teeth shift and will continue to do so without intervention. Even if you’ve noticed slight shifting, it’s best to address it early to avoid future shifting. For major shifting and bite changes, braces may be the best option for correction, however, that doesn’t mean having to go through the same experience as you remember from your childhood braces. Dr. Cook uses the most technologically advanced Damon System of braces. The Damon braces use gentle force to move teeth which results in shorter treatment times than with conventional braces and a broader, more natural smile.

You may have been told by your dentist that your bite will require a surgical correction. We work with local oral surgeons to coordinate this type of treatment. Typically braces are worn for a period of time prior to surgery to move the teeth in anticipation of where the new jaw position will be. The braces stay on during the surgical procedure and are worn for several months after surgery to complete the dental bite correction. For adult patients that need more width to correct crowding and crossbite, adult palate expansion can be accomplished using temporary anchorage devices (TAD’s), or with surgical assistance. Dr. Cook is experienced in complex cases and looks forward to helping you find the right solution for your smile.

We look forward to meeting you at your complimentary new patient consultation. Click below to request an appointment or call our office directly at (614) 734-9000.

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"We had our first orthodontist appointment the other day not knowing what to expect and it was a great experience! My daughter was nervous going in but left happy and we start treatment next week!"

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Ready for Special Cases

Dr. Cook and his staff’s combined years of education, training and experience in orthodontics have prepared them to excel in cases within a wide range in level of difficulty. Prospective patients seek out our knowledge and experience when they have been told from other offices that their case is too difficult to be treated at that office. Whether it is early intervention in children with severe overbites, underbites or crowding to adults with surgical or comprehensive restorative needs, we feel confident that we can find a solution together.