retentionYou want your final smile to last a lifetime. However, it’s a fact that teeth shift with age so a lifetime of retention is the best way to avoid dental shifting. At Cook Orthodontics of Dublin, we offer several retention solutions to keep your smile looking great.

For young patients that require a phase approach, a clear with color palate retainer will be recommended at the end of Phase 1 treatment and is worn each night while sleeping. There are several purposes for this retainer including:

  • The clear part of the retainer keeps the four anterior teeth straight and stable while other permanent teeth grow in.
  • The color palate helps keep the arch width wide and is adjusted every 6 months while baby teeth fall out and are replaced with permanent teeth.
  • The thickness of the color palate creates vertical space helping open up deep bites as well as creating space for twelve-year molars to fully erupt.

At the end of Phase 2 treatment, a fully clear upper retainer is recommended and is worn during the day and night for the first year and becomes a night only retainer after that. Wearing this clear retainer two to three times per week throughout life helps to prevent shifting.

A lower lingual wire is placed behind the bottom four anterior permanent teeth for patients that have a Phase 1 treatment for bottom teeth and is placed on the six anterior permanent teeth at the end of Phase 2 treatment. Lower anterior teeth are known to be among the first teeth to shift as people age so this retainer helps prevent that. This retainer is cemented permanently and is worn throughout life. In some instances, patients may wear a lower clear retainer as well.

For children and adult patients requiring only one comprehensive phase of orthodontic treatment, the retention protocol is an upper clear retainer worn day and night for the first year then nighttime only and a permanently cemented lower lingual wire behind the bottom six anterior permanent teeth.

For patients that grind and clench their teeth at night, a thicker clear retainer can be made to prevent wear. If a biteguard is recommended, the patient can be fitted for that by their general dentist. You can learn about these options at your complimentary initial consultation.

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