Invisalign® and Conceal Clear Aligners

” Conceal Aligners…Conceal the process and Reveal your new smile! “

Conceal alignersClear aligners have become a popular way to straighten teeth and are used as a way to move teeth in a more discrete way than fixed appliances. Although there are many providers of clear aligners, seeing an orthodontic specialist such as Dr. Brandon Cook, someone who is highly trained in tooth movement, will make you feel confident in your treatment decision. Dr. Brandon Cook is an Invisalign® provider and offers custom in-house Conceal Clear Aligners. Dr. Cook’s years of experience along with his educated staff can provide all of the information you need when considering this option.

At your complimentary new patient consultation, Dr. Cook can let you know if aligners are right for you in reaching your smile goals. Clear aligners are custom trays that are worn either on the top teeth or bottom teeth or both. They look similar to clear retainers with a significant difference. Clear retainers are passive and meant to hold teeth in their current position to prevent movement. Clear aligners are active and each tray is designed for a specific tooth movement.

One of the appeals to clear aligners is that they are removable. That can also be a detriment to success if the tray is not worn for enough time. It is recommended that each aligner is worn 22 out of 24 hours per day, removed only for meals. The pressure that the clear plactic tray puts on a natural tooth causes the tooth to move in a specific direction. If the tray is not worn often enough, there is not enough influence on the tooth to encourage movement.

Aligners are amazing at what they are designed to do but there are limitations. Dr. Cook may offer several treatment options for you to decide from depending on what your smile goals are.

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Dr. Cook and his staff’s combined years of education, training and experience in orthodontics have prepared them to excel in cases within a wide range in level of difficulty. Prospective patients seek out our knowledge and experience when they have been told from other offices that their case is too difficult to be treated at that office. Whether it is early intervention in children with severe overbites, underbites or crowding to adults with surgical or comprehensive restorative needs, we feel confident that we can find a solution together.