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We want to transform as many lives as possible through better smiles, including yours. If you’re ready for the same, we are here to help you reach your goal with insurance and financing options.


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We work with most insurance plans and are also a Delta Dental Premier Provider. Not every dental plan offers orthodontic coverage. Your employer will be able to answer whether or not you have orthodontic benefits or can add them to your plan. We check insurance benefits at the complimentary initial consultation so we will help you determine if your plan has coverage and how much it covers for orthodontics.

When you contact us to request your first visit, we will ask you about your insurance information. If you have a dental plan, we will reach out to your insurance company to see if it includes orthodontic coverage and the amount of coverage. We will find out if there are limits to your coverage, such as an age or benefit maximum and discuss all of the details at your first visit so you will have an estimate of what your plan pays and what treatment will cost you.

Pre-tax dollars through Health Savings (HSA) and Flex Spending (FSA) plans can be used towards orthodontic treatment cost. We can discuss at your initial visit the pros and cons of using these plans.


During your visit, we will provide you with a financial estimate of the treatment that was recommended by Dr. Cook. The financial estimate is a detailed description of treatment cost, insurance benefit and other considerations including internal and external financing sources. The treatment coordinator will review this information in detail so you will have all of the information that you need to plan for treatment at that initial visit. Any questions that you have can be answered at that time.

We understand that not everyone has insurance or that the plan you have may not cover the full cost of orthodontic care. That is why we provide a number of financing options, so you can choose the option that works best for you to pay for the cost of treatment.

You’re probably wondering about the average costs of orthodontic treatment but this type of service does not come with an average fee. Instead, your estimate is based on several variables specific to your orthodontic needs. The complimentary initial consultation is the perfect time to provide that estimate after diagnostic photos, x-rays and the doctor’s thorough exam has been completed.  At that point, we’re happy to answer any of your questions about the cost of treatment.

"We had our first orthodontist appointment the other day not knowing what to expect and it was a great experience! My daughter was nervous going in but left happy and we start treatment next week!"

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Ready for Special Cases

Dr. Cook and his staff’s combined years of education, training and experience in orthodontics have prepared them to excel in cases within a wide range in level of difficulty. Prospective patients seek out our knowledge and experience when they have been told from other offices that their case is too difficult to be treated at that office. Whether it is early intervention in children with severe overbites, underbites or crowding to adults with surgical or comprehensive restorative needs, we feel confident that we can find a solution together.