Stephanie, Clinician at Cook Orthodontics of Dublin

As clinician at Cook Orthodontics of Dublin, Stephanie cares for patients and performs sterilization in the office to keep patients safe. She loves getting to know customers and works hard to see her patients happy.

Stephanie also enjoys the relationships she has built with coworkers and working to make everyone who comes in the door more confident in their smile. She loves working in the field of orthodontics and takes pride in her job — always putting her all into caring for patients.

When not working, Stephanie enjoys spending time with her family, pets, and in the sunshine. She loves spending a sunny weekend with her family by their pool.

"We had our first orthodontist appointment the other day not knowing what to expect and it was a great experience! My daughter was nervous going in but left happy and we start treatment next week!"

K.D. Cook Ortho Patient

Cook Orthodontics of Dublin team at work

Ready for Special Cases

Dr. Cook and his staff’s combined years of education, training and experience in orthodontics have prepared them to excel in cases within a wide range in level of difficulty. Prospective patients seek out our knowledge and experience when they have been told from other offices that their case is too difficult to be treated at that office. Whether it is early intervention in children with severe overbites, underbites or crowding to adults with surgical or comprehensive restorative needs, we feel confident that we can find a solution together.